Concert, tonight. Standing in the shadows, a man is working. Next to him, boxes of pastel sticks are carefully aligned by hundreds, nuances of subtle and differing shades. He is painting a pastel, right there, on the spot. Not the reality of what each person can see, but that of his own vision, the vision aroused by the music he is listening to. He must finish before the last wisp of notes disappear under the vaults. The urgency of a quick glance, technical spontaneity.

This man is Thierry CITRON, as I met him on a beautiful summer day, in Auvergne. Bach was playing, of course. We only talked of music, which he passionately loves. With its harmony and balance, its colors and rhythms, its secret architecture. Its energy, its life. And its depth.

And then, I discovered his work and I immediately identified the expression of his passion for music and for nature. The shimmer of light, music and nature combined, the vibration of the air.

I like to wander, lost in my daydreams, in the parks captured by his pastels, and their paths covered by creeping shadows, and feel, through the open window, the air that rises from the flowering garden. The garden ? It has become a colored fantasy land. My eye captures a thousand paths leading to an enchanted world, a bright splash of sun, or a cooler spot, guided by light and colors. Everywhere and in everything, mystery.

Man has found harmony in nature. And it is music.